Thursday, October 23, 2008

About cleaning house

OMG ! people listen up, us moms need to make a stand ! This cleaning houe everyday and making sure things are in their spots is making me pull my hair out.. and then our men come home asking whats for dinner ???? whats up with that ??? I mean my goodness. Do we not do enough ?? LOL I think that it is time we take a stand and tell them that we need help !
either make some dinner for us ( not on our anniversary) OR (valentines day) just out of nowhere I would love to hear the words, site down babe, you have done enough for today.. Rgith now it is 7:45 pm and I am still doing my sons laundry.. havent hit the load of hockey equipment yet, why might i say is GROSS !!! Maybe i will leave that for tomorrow !!

tell me what you think ladies !


JLT6907 said...

yeah i understand where you are coming from. but i am a sahm and he's the working man. so it's only fair that we have that responsibility. althogh brian does cook on the weekends. so it helps me have a little bit of a break. and i dont clean on the weekends while he's home. unless its dishes or a load of laundry, but majority of the cleaning is done during the week while he's gone.

James said...

I'll be in that boat soon enough, I have two boys of my own. I met Jamie through cafemom, she found me b.c I had said something on there of michigan. I have family that lives up there as well.

Glad u joined the blogging world.

James said...

hahaha ok.. well that's my youngest.

I'm JESSICA! lol

Jess said...

SOrry about those earlier comments. I was on his email account which in turn is on the blog I have setup for him.

Jessica NBP