Friday, September 26, 2008

How reality hits you so fast..

So today we went out to the park, had dinner out there and let the kiddos play for a while, and just before they started to play i snapped a few shots of them with the camera.. I love taking pictures. Anyways, after we were all done playing and we were on our way home, it hits me that my 3 little babies aren't so little anymore. My oldest which is on the far left (Cody) is 7 and in second grade (Damian) is 3 and (Adam) is 2. It seems like just yesterday I was changing diapers.

Reality hits you at the strangest times, even when your in a rut, or having a horrible day, reality hits you and you look to your children for happiness.. never forget how happy kids are.


JLT6907 said...

i had some mommy moments yesterday realizing my babies arent babies anymore! it's so sad aint it?

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